Cancellation Policy


Repolist subscriptions operate on a rolling contractual basis. The date that you subscribe is the anniversary date. Your subscription will be automatically renewed if you do not cancel the renewal before the anniversary date. We will charge or debit your payment method at the beginning of your subscription. When we renew your subscription, we will use the payment method currently associated with your account.

If we are unable to collect payment prior to your renewal date we will attempt a further two times. If these are unsuccessful we will cancel your subscription and you will have to reinstate it with us. In certain cases, such as an expired card, our payment processor will contact the card issuing bank for updated information to allow the purchase to go through. Until you cancel, billing will continue according to the cycle stated at the time of your purchase.


If you have purchased an automatically renewing membership on and would like to stop the subscription from automatically renewing, you can do so at any time by logging in to, clicking the Account link at the top right "Cancel Subscription." Except as provided below, any amounts paid prior to your cancellation will not be refunded.

Seeking a Refund for Automatically Renewing Subscriptions If after cancelling your automatically renewing annual or quarterly subscription you wish to receive a refund, you must email us with the request within five (5) days of your initial purchase or in the case of a renewal, no more than five (5) days after your renewal date. We will terminate your subscription at the time of refund.

IMPORTANT NOTE: At our sole discretion, subscriptions may not be refunded if the membership has been canceled due to a violation of our Terms of Use Agreement.

MODIFICATIONS We reserve the right to revise the terms of these policies. Any changes made will apply to all memberships created or renewed after the date such change was implemented.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All subscriptions, regardless of type, are subject to the Terms of Use for the Repolist website.



  • For monthly subscriptions, the anniversary date is the date that you subscribed on any subsequent month.


  • For six monthly subscriptions, the anniversary is the day of the month that you subscribed six months following your initial subscription.


  • For annual subscriptions, the renewal date is the same day of the month, one year following subscription.

  • Periodic subscriptions are renewed unless they are cancelled before the date of anniversary.
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